Silves Castelo – near Jardins de Pera

Silves Castle (Castelo) is located in the city of Silves, 10km from Jardins de Pera. The castle stands magnificiently on the top of the hill and was built by the Almoravid Arabs between the 8th and 13th century using red sanstone and dried mud and is considered to be the best conserved castle in the Algarve. In 1910 the castle was classified as a national monument with its eleven turrets and impressive walls.

For a small fee you can enter the castle via the main gate, protected by two towers and a guard house near the Cathedral. Walk around the walls and take in the breathtaking views overlooking Silves and the almond and citrus groves.

The city of Silves is full of history from as early as the Palaeolithic period. Silves is thought to have been founded by the Romans but the city didn’t prosper until the invasion by the Moors around 714/716AD. Throughout history Silves changed hands between Muslim and Christian leaders and, eventually, Silves Cathedral was built in place of a great Mosque. There is also a museum “Musueu Municipal de Arquelógia” (Municipal Archaeological Museum).

Silves is a picturesque place to visit with plenty of cafes by the river and castle to relax in. Just remember to take your camera with you.

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